Friday, December 24, 2010

The Rude Society

The more I'm out in stores, bars, restaurants, and other public places I have noticed an alarming trend towards rudeness. From customers talking on their cell phones to rude comments and judgmental behavior. But the most disturbing of all is what seems to be the loss of using the words please and thank you.

If you're like me, then you had a grandmother who instilled in you the necessity of the words please and thank you. I remember her saying when I would ask for something, "what do you say?", and she would repeat the same question often when I received something and forgot to use the "magic" words please and thank you.

What I could not understand as a child, because really I was merely repeating out of obligation the words please and thank you, is that using please and thank you are signs of respect and care for the individual whom you are interacting with at that moment.

Whether it is the person making your coffee drink in the morning, the server or bartender, store clerk, friend, family member, child, or co-worker taking the time to ask with please and receive with thank you creates a more caring and respectful atmosphere.

So please give it a try and I thank you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

But I need more than 140 Characters!

Okay this blog entry will show my age...I get it I am a crabby old white guy...too bad.

When did text messaging and social network sites replace actual communication? I understand the convenience of text messages and social networking, I use them myself, but there are some things better said in person or at least over the phone.

We continue to distance ourselves from one another through social networking and texting. We have even redefined the term "friend" and created new words like "defriending." When was the last time you really sat across from someone, made eye contact and had an active conversation, discussion or debate? A conversation where you are actively listening.

As we strive to understand one another and learn more about the world around us I believe we need to make an effort to close the laptop...put the mobile device down and just reach out...truly reach out and open up a conversation not limited to 140 characters.

Hey Ladies...Adam Lambert is Gay!

Here is a little something that I shared during my last one man for those of you that didn't make it...I thought with all the Lambert Buzz why not pass my thoughts on to anyone reading this blog...

Last month Adam Lambert was featured in a controversial photo shoot in Details magazine (see pic above). Now this seems rocker making out with hot model...certainly not anything we haven't seen before....but here's the deal...that tongue coming out of Lambert's mouth is gay...because it is attached to a gay man. Now I am not revealing any news flashes here...if you haven't heard of Adam Lambert then you may not know, but if you have then you already know he's gay...glam-goth gay in fact...and as Seinfeld would say "not that there's anything wrong with that."

When this magazine hit the stands there should have been a phallic like bat signal beaming in the sky summoning the powers of a Gay Intervention. The title of the article in Details was "Why every woman in America wants to sleep with Adam Lambert." Gay men...don't you have a code? C'mon we can't compete against this...he can sing...he can dance...he knows make-up and fingernail polish tips...and from what I hear he's HOT! And not just "hey check that guy out over there, he's hot"...he's "I'd consider a sex change operation if that would help, hot."
Ladies...Adam Lambert is not going to switch teams....even though he told Barbara Walters that one day he wants to raise a child he doesn't want you to help, at least not in the way you want to help. Here is the bottom line, the above picture is not Adam Lambert, this pic is Adam Lambert

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love is in the Air

My next one man show is coming up 1 week from this Friday on Oct. 30th at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

This time I look at love and relationships...the people we love..the things we love. How we communicate...what we do and say to one another and the snarky sarcastic judgmental side of humans in the pursuit of love and happiness.

We all have battle stories and opinions and successes and failures...but in the end what I hope we discover on Oct. 30th is that when its great...its worth all the other crap. So come out for a night of touchy feely and dark and twisted humor as Smart Goes Crazy again!

See you Oct. 30th...and don't forget...there will be the popular Q&A with Haynes at the end of the show where you get to submit questions about love...relationships...communication...pitfalls...happiness...success..commitment...broken hearts...pretty much anything related to love and I will give you my perspective....not the right answer just my perspective.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Help! My Phone is Attached to My Head

I know much has been written about cell phone etiquette. I have noticed an alarming trend. People on their phones while being rung up at the retail stores, gas stations, etc.

I notice this happening quite often. The ringer behind the counter is left to feel less than human I'm sure, as the person plops their purchases down on the counter not acknowledging that they are standing across from another human being.

Unless you are on the phone with your transplant surgeon because your kidney, liver, heart, etc is on its way and you need to get to the hospital...hang it up. We already have a break down in face to face conversations with people actually justifying texting and social networking as a real form of communication. Are these useful forms of communication, of course, but let us not forget that we have decreased the ability to have a face to face conversation and the way in which we communicate has both been helped and stunted.

I have been guilty of texting or tweeting or facebook updating while out...but I have been trying to be more aware of my behavior because quite honestly it's rude.
When faced with another human put the electronics down.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Talking Cigarette

So I have 5 days smoke free! There have been some ups and downs and I am sure there will be more but so far so good. I have also been starting to run again...well it is part running part walking to get back some endurance. I plan to run a 5k sometime this Fall as a goal to keep me focused on the no smoking plan.

On the evening of day 2 I had a dream that included a talking cigarette. I knew then that my brain was hoping I would dump this plan and soon. The conversation went as follows and I liken it to someone you broke up with and they want to get back together.

Talking Cigarette (TC): So you haven't called in a couple of days

John (J): I told you we're over

TC: What did I do just tell me and I'll change

J: You are not healthy for me and I am tired of spending money on you

TC: But I have always been there for you

J: I'm not saying we didn't have some good times but it's time for me to make a change

TC: I have been your only true friend and companion

J: Stop

TC: When you were heart broken I was there, when you lost your job I was there, when someone disappointed you I was there, when you sucked at bass fishing I was there

J: I know but you are not healthy for me

TC: You are a jerk. I never asked you for anything I just gave and gave and gave comfort to you

J: I need more I need something healthy and productive

TC: You are kidding yourself because the bottom line is that you really care about me and ultimately love me and won't ever be able to let me go. I am everywhere, you are going to see me again and again having fun with others and you will want me back.

J: Listen you'll find someone else I promise. And I am not moving on to some piece of gum I am doing this alone.

TC: Go to hell

Then I woke up and thought holy crap this could be a long road. But hey I am on day 5 and that is all I can focus on. Stay out of my head talking cigarette!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wants Change with Life

We all change as we get older, that is no surprise. What is a surprise is how our wants become diminished to some very simple things once we pass a certain age.

In our 20's we tend to be somewhat ADD...where is the next party, the cool new bar or club, the latest fashion trend. In our 30's we start being a little more career and sometimes family oriented. We make plans and begin thinking about our future.

Then the 40's hit and I have to be honest. It has come down to one thing and one thing only-Being Comfortable. Whether it is the temperature, the chair I'm sitting in or the pants I'm wearing I just want to be comfortable. Really?!

My whole life has now been reduced to a search for comfort. Oh and not being annoyed but since I have far less luck with that one I think I will focus on the comfort thing.

So I will not apologize for shedding my pants at home and living in my boxers and a t-shirt, or for cranking the AC to the point that ice forms on the inside of the windows, or for wearing pants that are "forgiving" (thanks Eddie Bauer).